Book Review: Coaching for Performance

Coaching for Performance

By: John Whitmore

If you are a life coach then I’m sure you’ve heard about GROW. If you haven’t heard about the GROW model then I suggest you get this book and do some learning. The GROW model stands for Goals, Reality, Options, Will. This book will really help your Life Coaching skills and transform your coaching so you can stand out against the rest.

This book will help you do advanced work with your clients. To be a good life coach you must be versatile in all areas. This book gives you models for psychosynthesis, spiritual intelligence, emotional intelligence and boundaries for coaching. This book talks about how to create awareness and responsibility for your clients. Having awareness is the only way the GROW sequence can be put into full action.

If you are a Life Coach wanting to expand from single clients to team coaching then this is one book you want in your back pocket. The last half of this book gives such good detailed information on coaching teams and creating a leadership situation. The GROW sequence can be used for a team as well. A lot of companies today are looking for life coaches/team coaches to come in and help transform their team. A business will never be successful without a good team behind it.

Overall if you are a Life Coach I would highly recommend this book. It has helped me in so many ways with my clients. It has also helped me in my parenting skills as well. I was able to take some of the models and apply them to my family. I have 8 kids so we regularly have to function on a team level to maintain the peace.

Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Lotion Review

  Every once in a while I like to post a review on a product that I use and love. I like to review products that are part of self-care. The product I am reviewing today is called Mountain Oceans Skin Trip Lotion. I actually stumbled across this lotion due to my husband. We were shopping in Sprouts one day and he is always on the hunt for a good lotion because he has sensitive skin. He said he had been eyeballing this lotion for some time but hadn’t picked it up because it’s about $13.00 a bottle. We came home and he popped it open and put some on. I could not believe the smell of this lotion! If you are anything like me I love a smell that takes me away to the Ocean and that is exactly what this lotion did! All my life I have been searching for a lotion that I can put on and it doesn’t turn into a weird smell after wearing it for a bit. I also have been on the hunt for the perfect beach smell. The smell is like warm toasted coconut milk with a splash of blue sky, warm bright sun, and feet in the sand. When I wear this lotion, which is almost daily, I don’t even have to wear perfume. The smell is strong and it lasts. It smells so good you will want to EAT it. As for the moisturizing part it’s amazing. Your skin absorbs this lotion so nicely and it leaves your skin with a glow. I have found that I do not have to reapply this lotion at all. Once a day is about all you need. The lotion has a light smooth feel to it. I have even put a little on my face after being in the sun and it did not make my face break out like some lotions do.  Mountain Ocean has been around and operated by the same family since 1971. They claim that their products are made in small batches to make sure their products are high quality and fresh. I believe this entirely! I can really tell the quality of this product as I put it on my skin. For people who are looking to put the least amount of chemicals on their skin this would be a good product to use. Their products contain whole natural ingredients and are high quality. For all those people who don’t like animal testing, good news they do No Animal Testing! This product may seem a little pricey but it is most definitely worth it! I have yet to try any of their other products but I can say this will continue to be a product in my self-care regimen. My skin has never felt so good! You can find this product at Sprouts and I have also found it on Amazon. Here is the link to Amazon where I have regularly purchased it. Mountain Ocean Coconut Skin Trip Lotion. Please leave comments with some of your self-care products, I would love to see what other people use in their daily regimens!