6 Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From Success

Limiting beliefs put you in a cycle of self-destruction. You want to be successful. But you’re doing everything in your power to make sure that it never happens. How?

Because you always find a reason it shouldn’t. You could have a cure for a disease and you still would find a reason that it wasn’t the right time or that you don’t know enough yet. And you’re wasting all that incredible power you have. It’s not entirely your fault though. You’ve trained yourself to think that way. You tell yourself the story that something else is the problem over and over again until you believe it.

These thoughts are called limiting beliefs. And they’re the biggest roadblock to your success ever. The best part though about it all…You have the power to change them.

In this blog I’m going to show you how to change your limiting beliefs. By the end of this article I promise you’ll have a fool proof solution to each of your limiting beliefs.

Here we go!

1. “I Can’t Do It.”

Who said? This limiting belief is the most common limiting beliefs I hear. Yet it’s one of the biggest lies you will ever tell yourself. The root of this is the fear of failure. It’s not that you can’t do it. It’s that you’re scared that you might fail miserably if you try.

Which, technically, you might.

Ok… so what? Everyone fails at some point. If you don’t try something new your life can never change. Which is a much scarier thought than failure. If you truly don’t think you can do something, make it so easy you can’t fail.

For example, if you want to quit smoking don’t go cold turkey. If you smoke a pack day now then smoke 19 tomorrow. You could do that without even trying. You just need to take that first step.

2.“I Don’t Know Enough Yet.”

You will never feel like you know enough. This limiting belief is a lie because it’s really the fear of taking action. The truth is you won’t ever know enough. Life is about learning all the time. But knowing everything isn’t the goal. Knowing more than the people you are talking to is.

If you are wanting to start a project on something you’re passionate about: a book, a blog, a business, a website or a YouTube Channel – you already know enough to start. So take some action. Take that first step despite how much you think you know.  Because as long as you know more than the average person, you’ll be fine.

3. “They Can’t Afford It.”

If you run a business this belief is on your mind all of the time. But why? You don’t know what someone can or can’t afford. Unless you have a breakdown of their monthly expenses you can’t possibly know. You’re guessing. And you’ve probably guessed wrong.

You can look at this in two different ways:

If they want it they will find the money

If they can’t find the money you don’t want them

What you’re really scared of here is rejection. That someone might not want you’re selling. But guess what? You’ve got bills you need to pay. So that’s not a worry you can entertain.

Value your time. Value your product. Value yourself. Each no is one step closer to a yes, and someone who can afford it.

4. “I Don’t Have The Time.”

You’re reading this blog post right now, aren’t you? That tells me that you do actually have spare time. That not every single minute of your day is taken up with something important. Spare time that could be spent on something important to you.

How many times do you check these each day?

Check Facebook

Update Twitter

Check Instagram

Check Snapchat

Send Text’s

Answer E-mails

Have 5 plus minutes that you just zone out

Watch TV

I can bet the answer is probably, ‘Too Much.’ In fact, the average person can save 45 minutes a day by not checking their Facebook feed. Again this is the fear of taking action at it’s finest. It’s just a new disguise. If time really is an issue make a set schedule and follow it.

Put that important task you’ve been putting off: reading, writing, marketing, painting– you name it – to the beginning of your day. Make it the first thing you do. You’ll suddenly realise you have a lot more time than you think. And you’ll be thankful of the results.

5. “It’s Not The Right Time.”

This is going to be hard to hear. But, there is no right time. Deep down you know it too. There are, of course, bad times to start things. If you’re laid up in bed with with a back injury, now probably isn’t the right time to commit to starting a new business.

But you’re not, are you?

Time is one of those things you have no control over. You’re just scared about what’s going to happen when you start. That you might fail. People might not like what you’re doing. That you might not even like what you’re doing. But instead of waiting for the perfect day, which rarely comes, make a start and take action. Get it going now. Forget about the limiting beliefs, because the right time will never come and this will be another regret to add to your list.

6. “I’m Not Good Enough.”

Whether you’re a world famous author or a person sitting behind a 9-5 desk job, you will never think you’re good enough. And that’s a good thing. Because when you think you’re good enough, that you’re entitled to something, that’s when you truly start to fail. Always strive to learn more. Always strive to do better. Always remember there is someone out there who is better than you are at something. But never let it stop you from doing what it is that you need to do. So, challenge your limiting beliefs and change your lifestyle.

I hope this helps give you a kick in the butt to throw those limiting beliefs out the door. Get out there and start making moves to do what you really want to do in life.

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